More than 30 years of marketing involvement have resulted in a lengthy list of credits and unparalleled experience in a broad range of consumer and industrial business segments. A particular strength is business to business marketing, where we have worked extensively in the manufacturing and professional services sectors. The chances are pretty good we know something about the industries and even the clients you're working with; but even if we don't, after 30 years our learning curve is shallow and short.
On the creative side, in both writing and design, our experience is equally broad; here are some of the areas we have worked in with our many clients:

Branding programs
Communications plans
Marketing plans
Political campaigns
Product launches
Viral marketing
Direct mail
Outdoor advertising
Point of sale
Print advertising
Sales tools
Environmental graphics
Portable displays
Trade show exhibits
Vehicle design
Capabilities brochures
Corporate identity
Interactive media
Product literature
Technical literature
Web development