The international Facility Managers Association is a non-profit global professional organization with 123 chapters in major cities around the world. As part of a strategic marketing plan for the Northwest Ohio Chapter, we redesigned their web site to increase their profile and appeal to potential members in The Toledo Region.
      Previously, the web site had focused on membership activities. The goal now was to utilize the web site as a key tool in increasing membership. Our changes included incorporating a comprehensive explanation of both local and national services and benefits, including links to key sections of the association's very excellent global web site. We spent time photographing local events and pulling images of national and global events from the internet to create a stronger visual appeal. We also decided to emphasize the social aspects of the local organization. In order to put a human face to the local IFMA chapter, we created a rotating dissolve of a number of local members and their facilities in the header of each page.      
       Check out the NWOIFMA web site at this URL: